Pan’s Labyrinth

It’s raining today. 

I’m usually equipped with the whole ensemble – raincoat, rain boots, umbrella. I usually pack an extra pair of socks in case the child in me emerges and I end up playing a rough game of puddle hopscotch. I usually brew an extra thermos of coffee in case of an extended bus ride, by which raindrops entertain me, as I listen to a ballad or two, chasing my thoughts down with a sultry sip, or two, of my beloved caffeine. I usually send a few texts out, wishing these beautiful souls in my life a safe trip home, if not advising against that second cup of Swiss Miss – with the marshmallows, of course – that they swore off after committing to their thirtieth diet regimen. I usually silently hum Gene Kelly’s 1952 classic, which is clearly cliche for days like this, but who the hell cares? 

I’m usually equipped for rainy days.



But today, I stand drenched from the waterfalls of the sky. And my eyes. 

You win. I have resisted you for too long.


I would sacrifice the stars in the night sky

to brighten the darkness of your path.

I would collect each falling leaf;

hundreds, thousands.

To give you a piece of Autumn.

I would photograph every single smile worn upon this globe

if 7.7 billion smiles could encourage a smile of your own.

I would follow you throughout the depths of perdition.

So that I may comfort you through the sense of my intuition.

I am here, everywhere.

I am the dust in the wind.

I am Methuselah of the White.

El amor todo lo puede.

White Widow

Alderliefest Mother, Brother

– she quotes an eternal fire of hope

May this white widow spin a web

of love before she goes.


Her spinneret projects a home to all:

strangers, enemies, friends.

For life can throw heavy thorns of trouble;

though to harm it does not intend.


Be still, relieved, to discover how

she softly waits prepared

A proteinaceous silk awaits thy stumbles

– a white shadow will be there


Though a ghost is always hidden

may you find a note enclosed

A promise of love is claimed to and fro

lest before she goes.

To Fall in Love with Love

I fell in love with love

The moment you called my name

I would lie had I claimed such beauty before

My ears are tainted with grace.


And be it foolish to deny such truths

I am a goddess of love.

I fear the wrong towards Aphrodite and Venus

Though their pardons soon overcome.


To be short of inspiration in writing

I was at a loss of words

The piano that played offered no solace.

The revision of her vow deferred.


But may I shriek eureka!

for the moment you stepped inside

The divinity of your voice, how I worship your poise

I fell to a crescendo of rhymes.


And so I promised you my presence

For each of your enchanting laughter

I had vowed to always be around

For your every beginning and after


I promised to always stand by

For the biggest of milestones

I promised to always be there

For even the most mundane episodes


And my poor old fingers, they wrote and they wrote

Till my flesh melted into the paper

For I became the vow itself

That ran fields from acre to acre.


And the fields are gold when it is kissed by the sun

That is where I take you

Yet the fields remain gold when the sun retires

For my heart resonates such breakthroughs.


I bid you goodnight, I kiss you sweet dreams

I serenade a see you tomorrow

For another verse shall overcome my whole

As I pour new sonnets in adagio.